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Image of the cover of the book Theory of Horology

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Theory of Horology


Charles-André Reymondin, Georges Monnier, Didier Jeanneret, Umberto Pelaratti

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Thread binding (sewn square spine)


"Theory of Horology" is a comprehensive introduction to the measurement of time and the mechanisms that man has developed to make it possible. The various components of watches and clocks are explained in detail, along with their dimensions. For educational purposes, the detailed treatment of escapements and complicated watches is covered in greater depth in other specific FET works.

Target audience

This book is written specifically for people undergoing basic training in watchmaking. However, it may also be of interest to enthusiasts who wish to discover and understand the mechanisms of watches of all types. The theoretical foundations are accessible without any in-depth mathematical background.


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CHF 191.25

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The Spanish version of "Theory of Horology" is out

The new book "Teoría de la relojería" has just been published. It can be ordered from Editions Simonin or Watchprint.

Revision of the book "Theory of Horology"

The book "Theory of Horology" has been revised to adapt it to new standards and technologies. It will be available towards the end of 2015 in English, French, German and now also in Spanish.